Keller Conference Center
                        Pennsylvania State University
                        University Park, Pennsylvania

                           October 27--30, 1993


Domain decomposition refers to a class numerical methods for obtaining
solutions of scientific and engineering problems by combining solutions
to problems posed on physical subdomains, or, more generally, by
combining solutions to appropriately constructed subproblems. It has
become a subject of intense interest recently because of its
suitability for implementation on high-performance computer
architectures.  The aim of this conference, and of similar gatherings
in the series, is to bring together researchers with different
backgrounds working in this active area to discuss recent and
prospective advances and to promote interaction among applied
scientists, computer scientists, and numerical analysts.


The conference will feature invited lectures, selected contributed
papers and poster presentations.  Themes of the conference will range
from basic theoretical research to industrial applications related to
domain decomposition (DD) method, including:

        numerical analysis of DD methods
        block and substructuring methods
        multigrid and multilevel methods
        fictitious domain methods
        DD methods for high order and spectral methods
        DD methods for nonlinear and time dependent problems
        DD methods in computational fluid dynamics and structural mechanics
        graph decomposition
        general iterative and preconditioning methods
        parallel implementations
        software developments


The conference proceedings  will be published by the American
Mathematical Society in the series Contemporary Mathematics.  Refereed
papers from both invited and contributed talks may appear in the

Potential contributors should submit an abstract of no more than one
page by May 15, 1993 to the conference secretary at the address below.
The submission of the abstract through e-mail is preferred.  Plain TeX,
AMSTeX and LaTeX are all welcome and sample tex macros are available 
via anonymous ftp to ( in the 
directory pub/ddm7. Plain text (ASCII) files are also acceptable.
Submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee of
the conference and authors will be notified by July 15, 1993.


        Abstracts               May   15, 1993 
        Lodging Reservations    Sept. 27, 1993
        Early Registration      Sept. 27, 1993
        Conference Poster

The conference will be organized by the Department of Mathematics at
Penn State University.  The organizing committee, chaired by J. Xu,
consists of:  D. Arnold, J. Bona, M. Chen, A. Haghighat, J. Shen,
S.Tavener, and J. Xu.


J. Bramble (Cornell), T. Chan (U.C.L.A.), R. Chin (IUPUI), P. Deuflhard
(Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum, Berlin), R. Glowinski (Univ. of Houston), G.
Golub (Stanford), D. Keyes (Yale), Y. Kuznetsov (Russia Academy of
Science), J. Periaux (GAMNI/SMAI, Paris), A. Quarteroni (Politecnico di
Milano, Italy), O. Widlund (Courant Institute), and J. Xu (Penn State).


R. Bank (UCSD), J. Bramble (Cornell), F. Brezzi (Pavia, Italy), R.
Brown (MIT), T. Chan (UCLA), W. Coughran (Bell Lab), P. Deuflhard
(Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum, Germany), R. Ewing (TAMU), H. Kawarada (Chiba,
Japan), Y. Kuznetsov (Russia Academy of Science), P. Le Tallec (INRIA,
France), J. Mandel (Univ. of Colorado at Denver), Y. Maday (Univ. de
Pierre et Marie Curie, France), T. Mathew (univ. of Wyoming), M. Mu
(Purdue), S. Nepomnyaschikh (Novosibirsk, Russia), P. Oswald (Jena,
Germany), J. Periaux (GAMNI/SMAI, France), R. Scott (Univ. of
Houston), J. Scroggs (NC State), Z. Shi (Academia Sinica, China), H.
Simon (Ames), B. Smith (UCLA), M. Wheeler (Rice), D. P. Young
(Boeing), H. Yserentant (Tuebingen, Germany).


Those who arrive early will be able to register at a reception on
Tuesday, October 26 at 6:30pm. Final registration will start at
8:00am on Wednesday, October 27. The conference will begin at 9:00am
Wednesday and will end on Saturday, October 30. The conference will be
held at the Keller Conference Center on Penn State's University Park
Campus in State College, Pennsylvania.
The campus is in the center of the state on Route 26 and 322, south of
Interstate 80. It is on the main eastwest route of both the Greyhound
and Fullington trailways bus lines. USAir Express and United Express
serve the State College/University Park Airport, located five miles
from the campus. Rental cars and limousine and taxi services between
the campus and the airport are available.


The early registration fee (before Sep. 27) is $175 ($50 for
students). The registration fee after Sep. 27 is $200 ($60 for
students). The fee covers the opening reception, instruction,
materials, conference proceedings, the conference banquet held Friday
evening at 7:00pm and break refreshments. It may be paid by check,
money order, VISA/MasterCard, or request to bill employer. 

To register, complete the form enclosed below and return it by Sep. 27. to

     Jack Sinclair
     Penn State University              Email:  JWS5@OAS.PSU.EDU
     409 Keller Conference Center       Tel.    814-863-1744
     University Park, PA 16802-1304     Fax.    814-865-3749

Registration will be acknowledged by mail. Refunds will be made for
cancellations received by Sep. 27. After that, the participant or
organization will be held responsible for the fee. Anyone who is
registered but cannot attend may send a substitute. To receive a permit
for on-campus parking, add $12 (nonrefundable) to your fee payment.


Participants are responsible for their own housing arrangements.
Blocks of rooms have been reserved (till Sept. 27) at the following hotels:

Nittany Lion Inn                    Nittany Budget Inn
North Atherton St at Park Ave       1274 North Atherton st
State College, PA 16803-3598        State College, PA 16801
Tel. 814-231-7500/800-233-7505      Tel. 814-237-7638/800-248-8493
Fax. 814-231-7510                   No fax number
Single: $58  Double: $66            Single: $30  Double: $40

Days Inn Penn State                 Friendship Inn
240 South Pugh St                   1040 North Atherton st
State College, PA 16801             State College, PA 16801
Tel. 814-238-8454/800-258-days      Tel. 814-238-6783/800-4-choice
Fax. 814-234-3377                   Fax. 814-238-4519
Single: $67  Double: $77            Single: $36  Double: $46


Dr. Jinchao Xu                       Ms. R. Manning, Conference secretary 
Department of Mathematics            Department of Mathematics            
Penn State University                Penn State University 
University Park, PA 16802-6403       University Park, PA 16802-6403
Tel. 814-865-1110                    Tel. 814-865-7527
Fax. 814-865-3735                    Fax. 814-865-3735
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The above form should be sent to

     Jack Sinclair
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     409 Keller Conference Center       Tel. 814-863-1744
     University Park, PA 16802-1304     Fax. 814-865-3749

 A final performance report
The development of high performance parallel computers has made domain
decomposition and related methods one of the most important techniques
in modern scientific and engineering computation, and the aim of the
conference was to bring together the leading researchers, both
established and younger scientists, in this increasingly active and
highly interdisciplinary field to survey and review the current state
of research and to promote interaction between scientists with
different backgrounds.  The conference featured 27 invited speakers,
62 contributed talks and 15 poster presentations, with more than 150
participants (including mathematicians, engineers, physical
scientists, and computer scientists) from 18 different countries.
More than 20 graduate students and young researchers were able to
attend the conference thanks to the support from NSF.  This conference
was one of the best attended ones of the field in recent years and was
very carefully organized (for example, there was not even one single
cancellation for the numerous scheduled presentations).  A conference
proceedings has been published by American Mathematical Society and it
represents some of the most recent and most significant developments
in the field.