20th-24th July 1998
University of Greenwich - Avery Hill Campus
Avery Hill Road, London SE9, UK
Second Announcement and Call for Papers

Domain decomposition is an active and interdisciplinary research area that has drawn the attention of researchers working in many different fields. The effort during the late seventies and early eighties was concerned primarily with substructuring and block methods for elliptic problems. Research work has been extended and applied in many branches of computational mathematics in science and engineering. In particular, non-linear and multiphysics problems related to industry and strategies suitable for parallel and distributed high performance computing are of interest to the participants of this series of international conferences.

This eleventh meeting will be the first in this series of conferences to take place in the United Kingdom. Its special focus will be on numerical analysis, computational issues, industrial applications and software development for domain decomposition methods.

The conference will take the format of plenary talks, minisymposia, parallel sessions, selected graduate paper presentations and vendors exhibition. All aspects of DD-based methods are of interest, including:
  • Numerical analysis of dd methods
  • Fictitious domain methods
  • Block and substructuring methods
  • Multigrid methods
  • Coupling methods for multiphysics
  • Heterogeneous dd methods
  • Mortar element methods
  • dd methods for high-order and spectral discretisations
  • dd methods for eigenvalue problems
  • dd methods for non-linear and time dependent
  • dd methods in computational fluid dynamics
  • dd methods in structural dynamics and aeroelasticity
  • dd methods in acoustics and electromagnetics
  • dd methods in oil field simulations
  • dd methods in social/financial sciences
  • dd methods for inverse problems
  • dd methods for boundary/panel elements
  • Graph decomposition
  • Mesh partitioning and load balancing issues
  • Strategies for high performance computing
  • Strategies for parallel and distributed computing
  • Software development for dd methods
  • Semi-automatic development tools for dd methods
  • dd methods for non-linear industrial/multiphysics

  • Scientific Committee:

        Chairman: P E Bjorstad (University of Bergen, Norway)
        Committee Members: J H Bramble (Texas A & M, USA)
    T F Chan (UCLA, USA)
    P Deuflhard (ZIB, Germany)
    R Glowinski (Houston, USA)
    R Hoppe (Augsburg, Germany)
    H Kawarada (Chiba, Japan)
    D E Keyes (ODU, USA)
    Yu Kuznetsov (Houston, USA)
    J Periaux (St Cloud, France)
    O Pirronneau (Paris VI, France)
    Z - C Shi (Academia Sinica, China)
    O Widlund (Courant Institute, USA)
    J Xu (Penn State, USA)

    Organising Committee:

        Chairman: M Cross (Greenwich)
        Vice-Chairman: C - H Lai (Greenwich)
        Local Committee Members: K Chen (Liverpool)
    A Craig (Durham)
    M G Everett (Greenwich)
    I G Graham (Bath)
    K A Pericleous (Greenwich)
        Conference Secretary: Mrs Françoise Barkshire (Greenwich)
        European Affairs Advisors: P Deuflhard (ZIB - Berlin, Germany)
    J Periaux (Dassault, St Cloud, France)
    J E Roberts (INRIA, Rocquencourt, France)


    Please e-mail the following to dd11@gre.ac.uk by:

  • 30th January 1998 - proposals for minisymposia.
  • 28th February 1998 - abstracts (one A4 page in plain text or Postscript)
         Abstract acceptance will be notified by 10th April 1998.
  • 28th February 1998 - graduate paper competition
  • 28th February 1998 - proposals for your software/hardware exhibition.

  • Student Participation

    Limited funds will be available for graduate students. Please contact the organisers for details.

    Keynote Speakers

    Ronald Hoppe (Augsburg, Germany), Charbel Farhat (Colorado, USA), Ivan Graham(Bath, UK), Peter Deuflhard (ZIB, Germany), Einar Ronquist (Nektonics, USA), Bjorn Engquist (Stockholm, Sweden), David Keyes (ODU, USA), Frederic Nataf (Ecole Polytechnique, France), Jacques Periaux (Dassault, France), Mark Ainsworth (Leicester, UK), Mario Casarin (Campinas, Brazil), XC Cai (Colorado, USA), S Nepomnyaschikh (Novosibirsk, Russia), A Quarteroni (Milano, Italy), H Kawarada (Chiba, Japan), M Berzins (Leeds, UK)

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