Department stores and some hotels in Japan may accept major credit cards, but not traveler’s checks.


If you do not have your credit card, please buy travelers' checks (in US $). There will be one or two exchange windows outside of the immigration at the airport. The exchange rate is not very good at the airport. If you are staying at one of the major (big) hotels, you can probably exchange there. You can also go to one of the major banks (09:00 – 15:00, Monday through Friday). Banks have the best exchange rate.


NOTE: Hotel Sun Garden Chiba has the exchange service for its customers. Chiba Washington Hotel does not have the exchange service.


NOTE: There are many banks around JR Chiba station. Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, the biggest bank in Japan, is in front of JR Chiba station.

1US$119.1 JPY( as of 10June,1999)


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