How to Reach the Conference site?


A. How to reach Keyaki Kaikan (DD12 conference site) by train.

  1. You are at the East Entrance of "JR Chiba station".
  2. Insert your "IO-card" into an automatic ticket gate. ("IO-card" is provided at the registration desk with other materials.)
  3. Don't forget to pick up your IO-card from the automatic ticket gate.
  4. Go up to platforms No. 1 or No. 2.
  5. Get on a yellow colored train or silver colored train with yellow line. ("Kakueki-teisha" in Japanese)
  6. Get off the train at the next station after 3 minutes, which is "JR Nishi-Chiba station". All trains, which start from platforms No.1 and No.2 of "JR Chiba station", go to the "JR Nishi-Chiba station".
  7. Go down the stairs.
  8. Go through the automatic ticket gate by inserting your IO-card.
  9. Go to left and go up the stairs.
  10. You can see "South entrance" of Chiba University. You can find a sign of DD12 in front of the entrance.
  11. Go to Keyaki kaikan (DD12 conference site) guided by signposts of DD12.


B. Morning of October 25 (Monday)

You will be able to move to Keyaki Kaikan (conference site) from each hotel by coach on Monday morning. Coaches will depart each hotel at 8:10 am. Please gather to the lobby of each hotel. Coach service will be provided ONLY on the morning of October 25 (Monday).


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