How to reach your hotel?


A. Algorithm from Narita Airport terminal 1 or 2 to JR Chiba station located almost half way between Narita and Tokyo center

  1. You are at arrival hall.
  2. Go down to B1 (the first basement) by escalator.
  3. Find JR ticket-vending machine or JR service counter. (NOT Keisei Line)
  4. Buy the JR ticket cost 650 yen. (Touch "650" and insert coin or bill)
  5. Go through JR ticket gate.
  6. Go down to JR platform.
  7. Take Rapid Train ("Kaisoku airport Narita", silver colored train with blue line or blue and yellow colored train), which runs usually once an hour. DO NOT take the "Narita Express" (Limited express colored with red, black and white, which does not stop at JR Chiba station but goes to Tokyo station directly.).
  8. Get to JR Chiba station in around 40 minutes.


B. Algorithm from JR Chiba station to your hotels

  1. You are at the platform of JR Chiba station.
  2. Go down to the stairs or escalator. (Don't go up.)
  3. Go to East Exit.
  4. Go through ticket gate by putting your ticket into automatic ticket gate.
  5. See the map around JR Chiba station.
  6. Get to Chiba Washington Hotel in 4 minutes on foot and Hotel Sun Garden Chiba in 6 minutes on foot.


Please see this page again before you will leave for Japan.


Note that JR is Japan Railway Company


If you will arrive at Haneda Airport, please see



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