Excessive Information on the Radioactive Accident in Tokai Village in Japan


We are surprised to hear excessive responses to the radioactive accident occurred in the neighboring prefecture of Chiba from overseas. Actually on Sep 30 a serious accident occurred in a uranium-processing factory in Tokai Village, Ibaraki Prefecture. It was immediately reported in the world, for it was estimated as the level 4 nuclear accident. On the day the people living within 10 km from the factory were warned to be staying in their houses. However, 2 days after the condition was greatly improved and now there is no danger even in Ibaraki Prefecture. (See http://www.sta.go.jp/index-e.html for the official statement of Japanese government.) Furthermore, the City of Chiba is around100km far from Tokai village. Then we confirm that you can travel to Chiba safely.


The level of radiation measured at an observatory near Chiba city is not different from the usual level ever since September 30th.


On October 14th, WHO (World Health Organization) stated that there is no risk for visitors to Japan. (See http://www.who.int/inf-pr-1999/en/pr99-61.html)


Looking forward to seeing you soon in Chiba


DD12 Local Organizing Committee

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