Invited Speakers - all have accepted!

  • Sue Brenner, Louisiana State University
    Title: An additive Schwarz analysis of multiplicative Schwarz methods

  • Jed Brown, University of Colorado Boulder
    Title: On nonlinear adaptivity with heterogeneity

  • Juan Carlos Galvis-Arrieta, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
    Title: Overlapping methods for high-contrast multiscale problems

  • Ivan Graham, University of Bath
    Title: Domain Decomposition for high frequency Helmholtz problems

  • Ron Haynes, Memorial University
    Title: PDE based mesh generation: domain decomposition approaches

  • Xiaozhe Hu, Tufts University
    Title: Robust Preconditioners for Coupled Problems

  • Jan Nordbotten, University of Bergen
    Title: Modeling and discretization of thin inclusions for flow in deformable porous media

  • Alfio Quarteroni, Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne
    Title: Domain decomposition based methods for multiphysics problems

  • Stefano Zampini, KAUST
    Title: Recent advances on adaptive multilevel BDDC methods for div- and curl-conforming spaces

  • Laura Grigori, Inria Paris and Laboratoire J.L. Lions UPMC, France
    Title: Communication avoiding iterative solvers and preconditioners

  • Marie Rognes, Simula Research Laboratory
    Title: Impact of high abstraction/high performance finite element software in biomedical computing

  • Simone Scacchi, University of Milano
    Title: Scalable multilevel preconditioners for cardiac electro-mechanics