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The conference takes place at Belgium House Sunday to Tuesday and in France house on Wednesday and Thursday, located in the Givat Ram Edmond J. Safra Campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

How to Get To Belgium House:
  • From Ben Gurion International Airport to Jerusalem:

    The Ben Gurion (AKA "Tel Aviv") International Airport is located roughly 50km (40 minutes drive on a clear road) from Jerusalem.
    The three main ways of getting from the airport to Jerusalem are:
    1. Airport transfer: Airport transfer can be provided to your hotel in Jerusalem at the additional cost of US$ 29 per person. A waiting time of up to one hour should be taken into consideration. Participants will be met inside the arrival hall before going through custom. In case you have not been met, please approach the Tourism Desk in the arrival hall and ask for the Diesenhaus-Unitours representative. This service should be reserved on the Registration & Accommodation Form. Please note that all taxi transfers booked before December 19, 2007 will be charge US$ 29 per person per transfer.
    2. A door-to-door shuttle service (Sherut): "NESHER" One of the alternatives to a private taxi is called a "sherut" which is essentially a shared taxi (van). The sherut service at Ben Gurion Airport is operated by a company called "Nesher". These taxis are available 24 hours a day. Their service is a bit Spartan (they usually insist on filling the shuttle and sitting is a bit crowded), but effective. The price should be 45 NIS (roughly 11 USD). They are located near the Taxis (just step out of the terminal building at the arrival level and look for a sign or ask around). Make sure you located the shuttles going to Jerusalem (there are also shuttles going to other areas).
    3. Taxi: Finding one should be easy as soon as you step out of the terminal building (at the arrival level). The price should be roughly 250 NIS (about 60 USD). We strongly recommend asking the driver for the price BEFORE getting on the Taxi.
    4. From the Airport, by car: Follow the signs to Jerusalem; It is about 40 minutes drive. Once at the main junction at the entrance to Jerusalem, follow the directions below.
    Transportation to and from the Airport (information from the Israel Airports Authority site)
  • To get to Givat Ram Campus:

    • By Bus: Take bus number 9 or bus number 28 from the Jerusalem central bus station or from the downtown area, get off the bus at The Hebrew University, Campus, Givat Ram.
    • By Car: Immediately after entering Jerusalem, passing the first traffic light, keep going for about 50 meters until you see a big green sign saying "Hertzl street". Follow the sign to Hertzl street, (a mild right turn) and drive on Hertzl street for about one or two minutes until you take left on the second traffic light. After one minute of drive, take right on the second traffic light; Take left after a few more tens of meters and then immediately right. Park here in one of the free parking lots or along the pavement.
    • By Taxi: Ask the driver to go to the Belgium house (pronounced "Beit Belgia" in Hebrew). The cost (within Jerusalem) should be under 20 NIS (about 5 USD).
  • From main gate of Givat Ram Campus, on Foot:

    Belgium House is about 10 minutes' walk from the main gate for pedestrians of the Givat Ram campus. Enter campus through the security check. Keep to your right following the covered path through the campus until it ends at the National Library, a large building in front of you and extending to your left. Pass the library on its left side; go down the ramp, and the Ross building will be just in front of you. Pass it on its left and then take the first turn right, down to Belgium House.
    Givat Ram From Hotel To Givat Ram Campus
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem