DD18 Strobl

General information

All participants who presented a lecture (plenary, contributed, minisymposium) are encouraged to submit a paper. Contributions from poster presentations will not be considered.

The organizers of the 18th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods are very pleased to announce that the conference proceedings will be published by Springer Verlag in the series Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering (LNCSE).
All paid registrants will be sent a complimentary copy of this book upon publication.

All papers must be prepared and submitted according to the instructions below.

Page restrictions:
  • invited plenary presentations: 12 pages
  • contributed presentations and minisymposia: 8 pages.

Deadline for submission of the final paper for publication: April 28, 2008

All papers will be refereed. Presentation at the conference does not guarantee publication.

Submitted papers need not conform identically to what was presented at the conference. Titles and authoring teams may change. In the best case, discussion after the conference presentation has enabled the author to learn something new to be included.

Papers may be related to other publications by the author(s), but should have a unique title and some unique results. Due to page length restrictions, it is natural that some authors will attempt to publish a more complete version of their work in archival journals and reserve a special angle for their proceedings paper. The DD18 proceedings should meet traditional standards for originality and quality, within the limitations of length.

How to prepare and submit a paper

Authors are responsible for submitting latex-bug-free documents that conform to the stylistic requirements of Springer.

The documentation about the Springer publishing format can be found at ftp://ftp.springer.de/pub/tex/latex/mathegl/mult/authinst.pdf

Please, download the following files:
  1. the Springer style files: svmult.cls, plainnat.bst, natbib.sty
  2. the sample file: sample_author.tex


  1. Rename the file sample_author.tex as

    <author>_<program element>.tex



    is the surname of the corresponding author
    (supplemented by first initials where necessary, e.g. "wang_k" or "wang_y"), and

    <program element>

    is one of "plenary", "mini_<#>", "contrib", <#> being the number of the Minisymposium ranging from 1 to 10.

    Please, insert your contribution in this file.

  2. Bibliography
    Authors are strongly encouraged to prepare their bibliography using the .bib format.
    Please create a file

    <author>_<program element>.bib

    and insert your references therein.

    Authors are encouraged to retrieve bibtex references from MathSciNet (http://www.ams.org/mathscinet), should they already be available in that database. This will result in uniformity through the book and also ensure that names of journals are abbreviated correctly and consistently.

  3. Labels
    Please use label names starting with <author>_<program element>

  4. Figures
    All figures will appear in black and white to allow for reasonable printing costs.
    Please, name the files of your figures as

    <author>_<program element>_figure<#>.eps

  5. Please, do not edit svmult.cls, plainnat.bst, natbib.sty and avoid defining your own macros.

  6. When you are ready to submit your contribution, please produce an archive

    <author>_<program element>.tar (or .tar.gz or .zip)

    containing all your relevant files (including the Springer style files) and send it in attachment to berco@cs.huji.ac.il with words "Paper DD18" in the subject line.
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem