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Tutorial on Domain Decomposition Methods

In order to usher newcomers into the fascinating and practical world of domain decomposition algorithms and software, there will be a tutorial

by   William D. Gropp and David E. Keyes

on   July 17-18, 2003

prior to the beginning of the conference (see time schedule).

This tutorial is directed mainly towards beginning researchers, from computer science, applied mathematics, and fields of science and engineering in which partial differential equations play a major role. The software centerpiece will be the Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computing (PETSc), freely available from Argonne National Laboratory and part of the Terascale Optimal PDE Simulations (TOPS) software project of the U.S. Department of Energy. Architecturally and mathematically scalable linear iterative methods and nonlinearly implicit methods for PDE systems will be presented and illustrated, and their use in auxiliary problems, such as PDE-constrained optimization and eigenanalysis will be pointed out.

Course Material on the Web

The Portable Extendable Toolkit for Scientific Computing will play a crucial role in the course. The PETSc homepage is http://www.mcs.anl.gov/petsc/.

Background material for the four sections presented by David E. Keyes can be found at http://www.math.odu.edu/~keyes/dd15.html.

For your convenience copies of the background material mentioned by David E. Keyes on his page http://www.math.odu.edu/~keyes/dd15.html are stored locally at the DD15 server for download.

Here is the material presented at the DD - 15 Tutorial:


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