Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods in Cocoyoc, Mexico

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Preface ( pdf, ps )

Part I: Invited Plenary Lectures

Part II: Mini Symposia

Distributed Lagrange Multipliers for Domain Decomposition and Fictitious Domains

On FETI and Related Algorithms

Unified Approaches to Domain Decomposition Methods

Optimized Schwarz Methods

The Method of Subspace Corrections for Linear and Nonlinear Problems

Part III: Contributed Papers Sessions

PDE Topics

  • Indirect Method of Collocation for the Biharmonic Equation (DIAZ, HERRERA) (pdf ,ps )
  • Boundary Point Method in the Dynamic and Static Problems of Mathematical Physics (KANAUN, ROMERO) (pdf ,ps )

DD in Science & Engineering

  • A Dirichlet/Robin Iteration-by-Subdomain Domain Decomposition Method Applied to Advection-Diffusion Problems for Overlapping Subdomains (HOUZEAUX, CODINA) (pdf ,ps )
  • A domain decomposition algorithm for nonlinear interface problem (SASSI) (pdf ,ps )

Fast Solvers

  • A preconditioner for the Schur complement domain decomposition method (CROS) (pdf ,ps )
  • Fast Solvers and Schwarz Preconditioners for Spectral N´ed´elec Elements for a Model Problem in H(curl) (HIENTZSCH) (pdf ,ps )

Mortar Method

  • The Mortar Method with Approximate Constraint (BERTOLUZZA, FALLETTA) (pdf ,ps )
  • Singular Function Enhanced Mortar Finite Element (TU, SARKIS) (pdf ,ps )


  • On Aitken Like Acceleration of Schwarz Domain Decomposition Method Using Generalized Fourier (BARANGER, GARBEY, OUDIN-DARDUN) (pdf ,ps )
  • Aitken-Schwarz method for efficient metacomputing of elliptic equations (BARBEROU, GARBEY, HESS, RESCH, ROSSI, TOIVANEN, TROMEUR-DERVOUT) (pdf ,ps )
  • Interface Preconditioners for Splitting Interface Conditions in Air Gaps of Electrical Machine Models(DE GERSEM, VANDEWALLE, CLEMENS, WEILAND) (pdf ,ps )

PDE & Fictitious Domain

  • Error Estimation, Multilevel Method and Robust Extrapolation in the Numerical Solution of PDEs (GARBEY, SHYY) (pdf ,ps )

Flow and Transport

  • Flow in complex river networks simulation through a domain decomposition method (APARICIO, ALDAMA, RUBIO) (pdf ,ps )

Advection Diffusion

  • A Robin-Robin preconditioner for strongly heterogeneous advection-diffusion problems (GERARDO-GIORDA, LE TALLEC, NATAF) (pdf ,ps )
  • A domain decomposition strategy for the numerical simulation of contaminant transport in pipe networks (TZATCHKOV, ALDAMA, ARREGUIN) (pdf ,ps )

Multilevel and Multigrid Methods

  • V –cycle Multigrid Convergence for Cell Centered Finite Difference Method, 3-D case. (KWAK) (pdf ,ps )

Applications to Elasticity

  • On a selective reuse of Krylov subspaces in Newton-Krylov approaches for nonlinear elasticity (GOSSELET, REY) (pdf ,ps )

Parallel Implementation

  • Generic parallel multithreaded programming of domain decomposition methods on PC clusters (CHARAO, CHARPENTIER, PLATEAU, STEIN) (pdf ,ps )

General Applications

  • Toward scalable FETI algorithm for variational inequalities with applications to composites (DOSTAL, HORAK, VLACH) (pdf ,ps )
  • Asynchronous domain decomposition methods for solving continuous casting problem (LAITINEN, LAPIN, PIESKA) (pdf ,ps )